Me, My life

Change is good!

Loving my new hair! It’s sooooo different, I’m still not used to it. But It turned out the wau I hoped it would, so that makes me happy 😀 And now I have a week off from school! YAYYY .. Though it would be awesome to be in London right now!


My greatest fear is losing you

I’ve spent my day outside in the beautiul weather! A lovely Autumn day full of Scouting and great friends, competing in what we all do best – Scouty stuff! It’s been an awesome day, hopefully more like it are to come this coming year.

I should probably do my homework now, school is literally killing me slowly. But I just don’t know how to find the motivation, since I’ve never been a person who likes studying. Iäll probably end up in bed with Cheesecake and a good book. Not so bad actually!

Goodnight 🙂