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Frozen Cheesecake recipe!

One of the things I love to do, all the time, is baking! Everything from muffins to Cinnamon Buns to Cheesecake. And Cheesecake’s got to be the favourite. I’ve only tried one recipe since I startd eating Cheesecake (about 7 months ago) and I’ve stuck with it, because I love it! It’s just great! It’s so simple, and relatively easy to make too. It gets easier every time you do it.

So I’ve tried to translate the recipe that I use. I don’t know how correct it is, but I hope you’ll figure it out.




3 eggs
1,5 dl Granulated sugar
2 tee spoons Vanilla sugar (vanilla extract of some kind)
200g Philadelphia Cheese (naturell)
3 dl whipped Cream
10 Digestive bisquits (you can use Oreos, if you want)
Start of by setting up at least 3 bowls (not too small).

Take the smallest bowl and  put the three egg whites in it. Put the egg yolks in the biggest bowl, (separate the eggs)

Take an electric mixer and mix the egg whites to a firm foam.
You should be able to flip the bowl upside down without the egg
whites falling out.

Put the Granulated sugar and the vanilla in the bowl with the egg yolks. Take the electric mixer and mix it to about 2-3 min.

Take the Philadelphia cheese and put it in the mixed egg yolks/sugar/vanilla. Blend carefully with the electric mixer at the lowest speed.

Take the Cream and whip it. It should take maybe 3 minutes for it to be “hard” but still “soft” enough. It should be like when you want cream to your Strawberries, or your Messy Cake (all Swedish things, I know).

Take the whipped Cream and put it into the bowl with the cheese and the eggyolks/sugar/vanilla. Mix it together carefully, with the lowest speed on the mixer.

Take a spoon and carefully(!) blend the egg whites into the bowl with the other ingredients. Blend till there are no lumps, and the batter is smooth.

Take the bisquits and crush them into small pieces (crumbs). Take half of the crumbs and put on the bottom of a baking tin with a removable bottom. Poor the batter in and put the rest of he crumbs on top.

Put in the freezer for at least 5h.

If you want you can eat it just like it is, perfect and delicious! But I love to have fresh berries on the side, like Strawberries or Raspberries!