Livet, Me

Jag läser inte många bloggar, kanske 2-3 stycken regelbundet. En brittisk tjej som heter Ella är en av de mest fantastiska människor jag aldrig träffat, hon är så sjukt inspirerande, vi är lika gamla och det känns som vi vill ungefär samma sak i livet. Hennes blogg är min lilla undanflykt, en hemlig och mysig plats fylld med motivation och vackra bilder. Tack Ella för dina vackra ord!

“Dear diary,

Sitting in bed, in my University room, wondering what to do next.

For me, in my head, I’m only going to be in this world once. I don’t know and will never know whats coming next, so that’s what I believe.

But at the moment I’m stuck. Like, really stuck. You see I’ve got this bug, and every time I slow down and I’m alone it comes back and nibbles at my life choices. Something in me is craving the extraordinary, and I’m not sure if University is or isn’t where I should to be at this point in my life.

Sure, a degree is something I’d love to have. Sure, It would leave me in better stead in the world of office blocks and job interviews. So why do I feel like it’s an easy sacrifice to make in order to – in the words I wrote in my diary a few nights back – see more of the world, meet new people, eat new food, share experiences, be inspired, learn more, help others, if I have the opportunity?

In my head it seems simple. Why would I stay in one place and experience one thing for three years in order to tell someone ‘I’ve stuck it out, studied hard and I’ve got a degree!’ Surely what you can display after three years should be much more impressive, diverse, and extraordinary than a certificate to say you’re good at one single thing.

This is not to say I don’t think education is important or that a degree is unnecessary. If you know what you want to be, or what you want to do and this is the path to get you there, then that’s the right, most meaningful path for you. Im jealous! But if, like me, you couldn’t just give one single name to what you want to do for potentially the rest of your time here then I do question the system that University is the best and/or only path for every young person to take if they can.

In my time here so far, I have met amazing people who I know I will call friends for a very long time and I have made and shared a lot of memories. But when this slows down and it boils down to the fact that I’m here to study hard towards my degree, I question my place in this space.”

Ella Grace Denton